D'sensitive generation & Marcela Cmorejová (SK)


Modern performance by young artists on the theme of (in)sensitivity with a musical performance by Marcela Cmorejová

Program for young and adults

Botanical Garden Saturday 13:00

Young performers with their authentic interpretations of Slovak and international lyric poetry and prose, this time enriched by the input of a multi-musician and performer Marcela Cmorejová. We will wander through the peaceful, fragrant and precious environment of the botanical garden and listen to a carefully cultivated selection of powerful testimonies about (in)sensitivity, with the aim of becoming sensitized, getting closer to plants, animals and people, finding again the roots of our humanity. Once again you will be taken out of your preconceived notion about conventional recitation. Don't hesitate, this program will never be repeated!

Exceptional art-work by contemporary authors such as Jon Fosse, Bernard Schlink, Karol D. Horváth, along with the classics from Jacques Prévert, Jan Werich, Jonathan Swift. Klára Dobšovičová, Barbora Ježová, Andrej Rácz, Elena Slížiková, Denis Šatan and Roman Thor Vítek recite.

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Photo: author's archive