Orkest de Tegenwind, Utrecht (NL)


22-member marching street brass band from the Netherlands

Slovak premiere
Program for everyone


Art Cafe Friday 18:00

"Orchestra Against the Wind" is a large street brass band from Utrecht, formed in 1984 with the aim of bringing music to the people on the street. Their playing is attractive, full of energy and emotion, dispelling dark clouds and bringing sunshine to the souls of the audience. This adventurous orchestra is a generationally diverse group. They play music from home and from all corners of the world, as the street brass band gets inspired by music and people from other cultures and constantly comes with new musical ideas. They regularly tour to countries where they had never been before and this year they will perform in Slovakia for the first time. Welcome them with a round of applause!

Since 2008, Hermine Schneider and Onno van Swigchem have been in charge of the orchestra's musical direction. Highlights of their travel history include performances in Ukraine, South Africa, Latvia, Turkey, Suriname, England, Germany, Denmark, Romania and Portugal.

More at: https://orkesttegenwind.nl/