Monika Tódová & Denník N, Bratislava (SK)

Guests: Marián Leško, Martin Šimečka, Matúš Kostolný

Discussion about the current development of our country with and without humour

Amplion Argentum nomination
Program for young and adults

Cultural Center Friday 19:00

Let’s analyse the current social events with commentators and journalists Marián Leško, Martin M. Šimečka and Matúš Kostolný. Moderated by Monika Tódová. Daily N (in)regularly organizes a series of How to Save Democracy discussions all over Slovakia. "There is a lot at stake in these elections and we realise that it is not enough to just write about the situation. That's why we decided to go around Slovakia and debate about it. It is one of the privileges of democracy and I believe people do not want to lose it," says Matúš Kostolný, editor-in-chief of Daily N. The creators of AMPLIFIER also care about the democratic development of our country, so you are all welcome at the debate.