MiraMundo, Barcelona (ES)


Stunning band from Barcelona playing unique world music to dance

Slovak premiere
Amplion Argentum nomination
Program for young and adult audiences

Cube Saturday 22:00


Barcelona is a Mecca of music, an interactive environment where musicians from Europe, Africa, Asia and America come together to create the city's unique sound. MiraMundo's songs are therefore characterised by freedom, a courage to overcome borders and a sense of multiculturalism. They are original, intimate stories of love and travel experiences that sensitively fuse genres of seemingly distant cultures. Bossa nova, Mexican mariachi, samba, Italian and gypsy themes, as well as African traditions form a wonderful blend of gentle rhythms, strong melodies and great energy that the multi-instrumental musicians enjoy as they interact with the audience. Your best choice for a Saturday night!

The members of MiraMundo are united by freedom, the courage to overcome any boundaries, the love of multiculturalism and a global understanding of their own traditions. We look forward to welcoming Marion Cécile Sophie Candela - percussion and vocals, Malena Cousinet Larguía − saxophone and vocals, Noel Ernesto Vargas Águila − double bass and bass guitar, Francesca Frigeri − percussion and vocals, Luiz Gustavo Fernandes Murakami − guitar and vocals.

More at: http://www.miramundomusica.com/


Photo: MiraMundo Archive