Krvik Totr & Filtr Band, Prague (CZ)

(Ema will be disappointed)

Capricious literary cabaret with original songs, followed by a concert of the band Filtr

Slovak premiere
Amplion Argentum nomination
Program for young and adults

Art Cafe, attic Friday 22:30

The new original cabaret by the recessionist group Krvik Totr is a stage play with songs. Absolute humour. Is it Friday, Monday or Thursday today? Who’s got the key to Wendy's mailbox? What is the correct way to enter the Orthodox church? Can everyone be called Teresa? Who is the sponsor of the Eastern Slovak US Steel? And will Ema be disappointed? Age recommendation: 12+3×24-69:17. And watch out for the bonus! After the show, you will also experience a concert by the Filtr / Krvik Totr band that sings the chords, plays the words and you will love it. A band that even Ema can’t be disappointed of. Or can she?! This is Krvik Totr or your great entertainment for Friday night.

Krvik Totr was founded by Petr Jediný Novotný and Tomáš Kout in Prague in 1992 as a platform on which their absolute humour would not be limited (first by parents and teachers, later by professors and wives, and finally by their own children). They still go on to this very day, to the delight of their more intellectual audience. From their original "radio" dialogues and short stories, they moved on to authorial theatre. They have written and performed several plays and cabarets, a bunch of songs and countless sketches. It is fair to say this is, undoubtedly, an authentic and original amateur theatre, with all the positive risks that go with it.

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