Katanari & Ivana Mer, Košice / Banská Bystrica (SK)


Magical puppet cabaret, a musical-visual treat not only for children

Amplion Argentum nomination
Program for families with children

The Scout House Garden Sunday 10:00

What goes on on the geek collectors' table when they leave the room and close the door behind them? A cabinet of tiny puppets and objects that don't just want to pose behind glass magically come to life. Let's give them their 5 seconds of fame! Where? Well, in this mixure of exhibition, promenade and crazy cabaret that invites you to see what the things do when no one is looking. A non-verbal act performed by using a variety of musical instruments, chimes and music boxes presented by the performer Katanari, accompanied by the sound of toys and different acoustic instruments played by a singer/songwriter, Ivana Mer.

More at: https://www.katanariart.com