Irregular Theatre Ensemble (SK) + Teatr KTO (PL) + Firebirds (HU) + Prostores (CZ)


The premiere of the performance from the creative workshop on interpersonal bonding, presented by the international team of creators of the ICEBREAKING project (V4+UA).

Program for young and adults

Old Castle 🠒 Scout House Garden Friday 17:00

Four theatres, led by the Ensemble of Irregular Theatre, will create during 2 days of an intensive creative workshop a common international embryo of a future street production aimed at bringing local V4 citizens closer to the Ukrainian exiles.

The touring street happening will be based on authentic materials collected during 4 research trips to V4 countries and Ukraine.

The common journey tells the stories of people in mixed communities, breaking down prejudices and bringing people closer together in a world where we all need each other without distinction.

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Projekt je spolufinancovaný vládami Českej republiky, Maďarska, Poľska a Slovenska prostredníctvom Višegrádskych grantov z Medzinárodného Vyšehradského fondu. Poslaním fondu je napredovať v ideách pre udržateľnú regionálnu spoluprácu v strednej Európe.