Ensemble of Irregular Theater, Banská Štiavnica (SK)

GODLIKE (bar cabaret noir)

Strong stories, captivating music by Róbert Mankovecký and lyrics by Vlado Janček, expressive dancing by Laco Cmorej & dark humour in a bar company of great actors, this is the stylish new bar cabaret noir from the creators of AMPLIFIER!

Program for young and adults

Grand Matej Hotel Friday 21:00

Accept the invitation to the Olymp! Sit back, enjoy a glass of bubbly and our bar crew will take care of you. Can a man afford everything? Is he the master of life and death? Are we equal to God? A bar cabaret noir about those who feel more like God and those who are truly like Him. The threats brought about by the pandemic and the subsequent horrors of war were only acknowledged by the developed world as something to be seen in horror movies or in the third world countries. We were living in a Godlike manner, so to speak. These unique times have shown that the theme of Godliness is eminently relevant. The Godlike as the untouchable rulers of life and death and, conversely, the Godlike as in solidarity with all people without distinction, i.e. God-like. Which will prevail? Humility or Godliness? A cabaret show for audiences aged 15 and over.

The Ensemble of Irregular Theater (AND), based in Banská Štiavnica, is an independent group of theatre makers and friends of contemporary art of a similar humanistic mindset and worldview. It was formed by the generational and programme transformation of the Kremnica Underground Theatre (2012-2017), which founded the Kremnica Gags Festival of Humour and Satire in 1981 and had organized it for 25 years. AND is dedicated to the search for new forms of modern cabaret, street and engaged productions. In 2016, it founded the international AMPLIFIER Festival − New Cabaret & Street Art in Banská Štiavnica. Its members were co-creators of the project City of Culture Banská Štiavnica 2019.

More at: https://www.and-theatre.art