AND & guests & BON BON trio (SK+CZ)


5th year of the successful Czech-Slovak cabaret sketch competition full of new talents!
Moderated by actor Martin Toman. Parisian chansons and world hits performed by the trio Cmorejová, Humeňanská, Baarová.

Amplion Argentum nomination
Program for young and adults

Cube Saturday 16:00

Competition of new cabaret performances by individuals and artistic groups in various genres related to cabaret such as stand up, slam poetry, theatre, music, movement art or clown acts.

All the sketches are connected by one theme - (in)sensitivity, which will be presented in an experiential and entertaining way by a variety of performers. You can look forward to the peculiar standapist Viktor Kryukov from Ukraine, Bandi from Banská Bystrica, who is experienced in music and humour, or the Ľahostajňa Theatre from Bratislava. The energetic Falangír Theatre from Kostoliště and the young creative group TyMyJán from Bratislava will also compete for the festival prize for the second time. A unique atmosphere will be created by the chanson band BON BON trio.

Everything will take place under the watchful eye and ear of an expert jury composed of Lumír Mati, MartinaGarassyová and Dušan Krnáč. In addition to the AMPLION ARGENTUM prize, the winner will also receive the option to perform his/her own cabaret programme at the 9th edition of the AMPLIFIER Festival 2024. Don't miss this unique programme!

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