Jan Burian (CZ)


A concert of the legendary singer-songwriter about the end of the era of two kinds of yogurt and one political party

Saturday 17:30 Art Cafe, terrace

Songs and stories spoken from the piano will form this cycle of neutral memories of the times of November 1989. Such is the evening of the nonchalant singer-songwriter, cabaret performer and writer Jan Burian from Prague. It is suitable for the youth who was not yet alive back then, but also for the older generations, who can remember queueing for oranges, smuggling shirts from West Germany or the Iron Sundays. All of these memories will be balanced by songs from the cycle THE ECOLOGY OF THE SPIRIT on the topic of the contemporary life of people who are surrounded by media, stunned by supermarkets and SuperStars. You will learn what you can do in order to maintain your sanity and cultural position.

More at: http://www.janburian.cz


Photo: MALL.tv, archív Jana Buriana