Bratislava Puppet Theatre (SK)


A cabaret fairytale adventure about gremlins, the Lochness monster and elves!

Saturday 16:00 Cultural centre, main hall

Join your children on a journey to the world of the Lochness monster, elves, the yeti, dragons and gremlins! In this original story about (non)existent being, you will travel through time and space with the actors to meet strange creatures whose existence has never been scientifically proven. The young viewers will bear witness to sounds turning into music, of matter turning into live beings and words turning into poetry. This play full of magical moments will tickle the fantasy and place you in a world of visions, dreams, fantastic adventures and discoveries. On this amazing journey, you will be accompanied by the music of Juraj Haško, leader of the band Sto múch. Suitable for all curious children over 5 years of age.

The play has been created for the Bratislava Puppet Theatre (est. 1957) by the creators from the progressive theatre ensemble ODIVO. BPT is an important space that not only entertains, provokes and inspires its viewers, but also enables their inner growth, builds their cultural and social knowledge and motivates them to expand their opinions and skills using theatre and artistic expression as medium. The leader of the theatre is its art director, Katarína Aulitsová. She has several awards from domestic and foreign festivals under her belt.

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Photo: Juraj Starovecký