Ensemble of Irregular Theatre (SK)

ŠTIAVNICA NOT ONLY SILVER a.k.a. Townsfolk, poets and Nazis

A unique walking street theatre about searching for the present-day treasure of Banská Štiavnica

Sunday 14:00 Radničné námestie – St. Trinity Square – Old Castle

The performance is a part of the Identity Renovation – Banská Štiavnica, City of Culture 2019 project Programme for families

Enjoy this entertaining journey of the actors, the dog Cyril and the viewers behind the wagon of happiness. A journey after a yet-undiscovered treasure of the mining town, which does not only hide in silver, but also in the people and their personal stories. The inspiration behind the play is a mystery legend about the fate of the rich citizen Barbora Rösselová. The historical and contemporary form of the play will lead from the Radničné square via the St. Trinity square all the way to the Old Castle. Fourteen stops in unique exteriors will reanimate fragments of Štiavnica’s history right in front of the object where they took place. There will be acting, singing, dancing and tasting, but most importantly, laughing.

The Ensemble of Irregular Theatre is an independent group of friends of contemporary theatre which was formed by people of similar humanist thoughts and viewpoints. It was created after a generational and repertoire transformation of the Kremnica Theatre Underground (2012 - 2017). It searches for new forms of modern cabaret, as well as promotes street and socially engaged productions. It is based in Banská Štiavnica.

More at: https://almaziastiavnica.sk/podujatie/stiavnica-nielen-strieborna-premiera/


Photo: Ľubomír Lužina