Theatre Singing Choir (SLO)


An amazing parody of an a capella concert from Slovenia

Saturday 17:00 Old Castle
Saturday 19:30 Kocka/Cube
Sunday 13:00 Art Cafe, terrace

This theatre ensemble of young people and their unusual leader will surpass your expectations about classical music singers. How does it look like when the choir cannot stay in tune together? What happens when an individual expresses their opinion? And how is this “oopsie” handled by the wacky conductor? This series of unexpected slapstick situations filled with humour and professional singing performances is sure not only get you in tune, but to excite you to the point of wanting to sing out loud!

Gledališki pevski zbor is a group of professional Slovenian performers and musicians led by the singer and theatre star Tea Vidmar, who was a true star at the festival of street art Ana Desetnica 2019 in Ljubljana. First time in Slovakia!

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Photo: Luka Dakskobler, Tadej Čauševič