BodyVoiceBand (CZ)


Dance revue-cabaret of the youth about aging, featuring songs by Jan Burian

Sunday 18:00 Cultural centre, main hall

There is no other kind of loneliness that is as specific and as desperate as the one felt by the elderly. How does one think about getting older but not become afraid? That is the main topic of this unique cabaret for both the younger and the older viewers. Young interprets use their bodies reflect the lyrics on aging by the Czech songwriter and author Jan Burian. Burian’s songs create a delicate world of an aging person and reflects fear from the potential inabilities. The songs in combination with the young performers of the BodyVoiceBand ensures a fresh music, dance, revue and cabaret, starring the members of the Bizarre Band, Dušan Navařík and Zdeněk Dočekal. Let’s not be afraid of aging!

My daughter is leaving home
I don’t even know for whom
She says she found a great new place so it’s a fact I have to face

Oh I see, I see
She wants to grasp life like a tamer
Oh I see, I see
She’s all grown up now

BodyVoiceBand is a theatre ensemble from Prague (est. 2013) and performs in the Venuša venue in Švehlovka. The theatre was created from the desire to constantly learn new things and, at the same time, maintain the life of everything they created together during their years of work at DAMU. The key factors in their art include the body, the voice and cooperation in a group, creating audio-physical projects. Their performance of the dramatic music peace War by E. F. Burian was included in the Top 10 plays of the year, according to a survey by the Theatre Newspaper.

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Photo: Tomáš Svoboda