Prešov National Theatre (SK)


Mono-drama based on the motives of Umberto Eco’s novel “The Prague Cemetery”

Saturday 14:00 Kocka/Cube

Funny, non-conventional and bold theatre! Do you want to know who is responsible for your streak of bad luck? Are you looking for the one responsible for all that is going on here? Come on in and you are guaranteed to pick someone. The original actor’s mono-drama by Peter Brajerčík based on Umberto Eco’s novel “The Prague Cemetery” explores conspiracy theories, anti-semitic and racist ideas springing from a difficult economic and social situation, as well as how they are reflected in the media and in politics. Eco, the historian, philosopher and aesthetician, plays with a refined explanation of history that uncovers the principles of political and purpose-built games. The play was awarded the Grand Prix at the New Drama 2019 festival.

The Prešov National Theatre is an independent professional theatre (est. 2013) in Prešov. Its leaders are the dramaturgist Michaela Zakuťanská and director Júlia Rázusová. The dilemma to either stay in Bratislava or to return to Prešov, one which is almost synonymous with the choice between working in the west or living in the east, led to a definite solution – moving to their hometown of Prešov and starting a theatre there. PNT adapt texts dealing with contemporary social, generational and sociological topics, touches upon the tension between the east and the west of Slovakia and comments on the differences in quality of life in the country. It also seeks to inspire people from different lines of work to come back to Prešov or to express themselves in smaller towns and outskirts.

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Photo: Róbert Tappert