Vrbovskí víťazi (SK)


Concert of the work-music band of jokesters

Friday 23:00 Kocka/Cube
Saturday 12:00 Art Cafe, terrace

The band from Vrbové plays industrial folklore on non-serious, hand-made instruments and all of their songs are about work. The two blue-worksuit-clad members include the singer and “toilet-kickdrum” player Braňo Jobus and his “Mr. Brother” Andrej Budislav Jobus. He plays an array of bizarre, mostly wind instruments made exclusively out of plastic tubes, hoses, plastic bottles and an old vacuum cleaner. His collection also includes instruments such as the ACTHDFV (the Angry Carpathian Three-Headed Dragon from Vrbové), the six-meter Družba Pipeline, and the Fecal matter bagpipes. Their aphoristically humorous, minimalistically industrial songs, sung in the local Vrbové dialect, are representative of a one-of-a-kind musical style which celebrates work - the universal working man industrial folklore. It is typical to artistically recycle products and appliances for this style. The proof that VV are not just superficial jokers lies not just in their only seemingly banal lyrics, but also their goal to revive the need and the joy from (now already post-industrial) folk music. Their concerts burst with salvos of both real and musical laughter.

This musical group is named after the “V”, created by the leaning tower of the local church and a line constructed through the center of its perpendicularly constructed gate – VRBOVSKÍ VÍŤAZI (VV – VRBOVÉ WINNERS).

More at: http://www.vrbovskivitazi.sk


Photo: Archív kapely