Timingeriu (PL)


Concert of Balkan, gypsy and Jewish music by cycling musicians

Saturday 22:45 Art Cafe, terrace
AFTER CONCERT Sunday 11:00 Art Cafe, attic

Enjoy this Polish dose of musical energy and dance. Timingeriu is another unique music piece at the AMPLIFIER festival. They play a lively, highly danceable gypsy, Balkan and Jewish music. The band members often bring the accordion, the trumpet, the clarinet, percussions and an upright bass on bicycles. They also like to react to the momentary situation and mood of the audience, which they find underneath your window or in the local pub. The band travels and plays all around the world, often hitchhiking, cycling or just freely rowing, providing the people with unusual experiences using their music.

The beginnings of the band come from a musical journey to Romania in 2009. The band is formed by multi-instrumentalists who are also members of the alternative music scene (Małe Instrumenty, Sutari), the jazz scene (Jazz Section at the Music Academy in Wroclaw) and the theatre scene (Gardzienice Theater, Song of the Goat theatre). Their debut album, Radio Rom, came out in 2015 and documented the concert of the band in Radio Ram in Wroclaw.

More at: http://www.kapelatimingeriu.pl


Photo: Piotr Spigiel