Ensemble of Irregular Theatre (SK)


Unique experience happening in the shop windows!

Friday 17:30 Trotuár
Saturday 10:30 Trotuár

A street happening of artists in the storefronts of shops, reflecting the revolution in 1989 and what came after. It is composed of 7 stops – model situations at the Trotuár and the audience trots between them accompanied by the music of Vrbovskí Víťazi. Multi-genre installations of cartoons by artists from all around the world (the mobile exhibition FREE BRAIN EVOLUTION) including two works which had their authors sentenced to death in their home countries (Arifur Rahman, Bangladesh and Fadi Abou Hassan, Syria); a virtual film memorial of 1989 from an old TV set, directed by Barbora Berezňáková as part of the cycle “Ask your folks”; original civically engaged songs by the activist Jakub Pohle and his band Režimy (Regimes), but also an art installation of an oversized, divided head by the performer Dušan Krnáč called REVOLUTION IN THE HEAD - desires vs. reality. There, you will be able to write down your (un)fulfilled desires from times before the revolution… but most importantly, the ones that came after.

More at: http://www.and-theatre.art


Photo: Archive of the band Režimy, graphics from Dušan Krnáč