Dušan Krnáč (SK)

REVOLUTION IN THE HEAD – desires vs. reality

Art installation of an oversized, divided head to express your (un)fulfilled desires

počas celého festivalu St. Trinity Square

What were you dreaming of after the Iron Curtain fell? How many of your dreams have you fulfilled during those 30 years of freedom? Now, you can eternalize your desires and their state in reality. The artist and performed, Dušan Krnáč, closes the circle on his oversized head and gives you space to express yourself. The head, finally free of barbed wire, can think, compare and summarize. And what about our heads, are they truly free? Or is the barbed wire still somewhere inside? Let us know and leave us a message.

More at: http://and-theatre.art


Photo: Michal Svítok a grafika Dušana Krnáča