Storefront exhibition of cartoons of artists from all around the world

Non-stop during festival Trotuár

Notice the storefront in Banská Štiavnica, because for three days, they will bear strong messages. They will be decorated by drawings from award-winning authors from all around the world and two of them, with hard-hitting stories, come personally. The first is Arifur Rahman, a cartoonist from Bangladesh who was sentenced for 6 months for his drawings, and according to their religious court they can kill him with impunity for the insult of Muhammad. Thanks to The International Cities Of Refuge Network (ICORN) he find asylum in Norway. The second is Firuz Kutal from Turkey, a human rights activist and cartoonist appreciated for his work in the fight against violence, he also lives in Norway. You will also be able to see these authors live during the Inventory of the Revolution happening. All of that thanks to the Prešov agency PRERAG, the Norwegian caricature gallery MiA and the Active Citizens Fund - Slovakia. We will also have host the director of the gallery in Drobak  Kjersti Lillebø and other guests from Norway.

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Photo: Arifur Rahman, Firuz Kutal and the archive of P. Rázus