Markeliñe (ES)


Tragic and comical cabaret show about strength, friendship and love among miners

Friday 20:30 Asphalt area next to SOŠLS, Kolpašská street

The performance is a part of the Identity Renovation – Banská Štiavnica, City of Culture 2019 project

Here comes a mining cabaret club, filled to the brim with uniquely Spanish-styled songs and dances. The dynamic and entertaining tragic comedy is truly a journey through movement, visual art and music, as well as pyrotechnical effects. It puts forth questions about whether it is a gift or a curse to be a miner and how much friendship is worth when you witness a tragic fate down below the earth. The grand experience on several micro-podiums is full of humour, touching moments and pays homage to all the unknown heroes who died doing this honest, but hard work.

The Basque theatre ensemble Markeliñe (*1987) creates theatre with a unique style. It creates original stories from the present which provide a critical view upon both the present and the past. It breaks old forms, explores and searches for new expressions of scenic language as well as uses of space. The viewers can contemplate their own personal conflicts and contradictions as they are painted with a sensitive, intelligent way on stage. The ensemble focuses heavily on free expression of emotions, on visual aspects and acting performances. They play and travel all around the world, from the East to the West.

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Photo: Archív divadla Markeliñe