Slovak Film Institute (SK)


Screening of a documentary about the events during the course of one breakthrough year which shows issues of our entire society on the back of a story of one (un)known girl

Sunday 16:30 Art Cafe, attic

Host and co-author of the film, Fedor Gál, says the following in the opening sequences: “You will see a film about a society that had come to the crossroads. One road leads to a chasm, one into the unknown. We don’t want to go to the chasm and we should step into the unknown educated. We should understand why we live in a society where people are demotivated, ignorant, and have a lack of belief towards those in power. We should know why institutions that should be taking care of our health and our children are failing. We should understand the pathology of everyday life, why corruption, carelessness and unrest are blooming before our own eyes. We should know all of that in order to take action and fix problems that bother us. Right here, right now, for the future’s sake.” You will see a movie that still rings true today. Directed by Iľja Ruppeldt, dramaturgy by Dežo Ursíny.

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