The Fifth Wheel (DE/RUS)

Saturday, 29. September 2018
Cultural centre, Main hall
world-class marionette cabaret show
for families with children
Entry 5/7 €

A world-class musical puppet show for families with children

Tu, tuuuu! We are setting sail in a moment! An extraordinary voyage all around the world with an unbelievably colourful puppet cabaret awaits us. This rare genre, unique marionette trickery and complicated rhythms will take you all around the world without a single world. You will hear and see Mexican songs, Spanish flamenco, a jealous husband from the orient, rock and roll all the way to the grand number – a gypsy choir with more children than you can count. This extraordinary showing of puppetry, musical and dance has travelled all around the world. In Banská Štiavnica, it will have its SLOVAK PREMIERE. Suitable for audiences over 4 years of age.

The Fifth Wheel is a German theatre duo made of Lisa Salier and Dmitry Nomokonov, who has russian roots. It was formed in 2006 in Freiburg. The duo specializes in puppet theatre with short musical numbers and trick marionettes. They play all around the world, from Europe to China, Japan, Singapore, South America or Africa, playing in 29 countries in total.

More at: www.youtube.com/user/Thefifthwheel

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