The unique mining town Banská Štiavnica with a rich multi-cultural history welcomes every visitor who would like to stay in the beautiful environment of the town and its surroundings for a few days. Banská Štiavnica is ideal for both relaxing, sightseeing, and exploring. From "tajchy" (artificial mining lakes), Štiavnické vrchy (the local hills) to the cafés at the "trotuár", everywhere, you will feel like in the French "HONTmartre".

The capacities for food & accomodation are growing every year. We believe that if you book what you need in advance, they will cater to the demand of all fans of new cabaret and street performances. The almost-complete list of hotels, guest-houses or private accomodation, together with contacts and the type of accomodation in the Štiavnica area can be found here:

We wish you a pleasant stay and lasting experiences from the AMPLIFIER Festival in Banská Štiavnica.


Several means of festival accomodation are reserved for the approx. 120 performers from Slovakia and abroad. They were offered by our partners – who we would like to thank for being so helpful. We are making them public not only for easier orientation of artists and guests, but also for anyone visiting Banská Štiavnica outside of the festival.

Penzión Nostalgia
Trotuar cafe
Hostel Skautský dom